Rumour of Tomorrowland festival across two weekends gathers momentum

Rumour of Tomorrowland festival across two weekends gathers momentum

After the massive success of the Tomorrowland festival, which over Friday to Sunday welcomed 180,000 visitors, the rumour of bringing back a festival across two weekends has gained ground. “I’m totally in favour of it,” indicated Jeroen Baert (of the New Flemish Alliance) the burgomaster in Boom, where the festival was held. “This would be very good for our commune. If the event organisation runs smoothly, this is clearly an option.”

From the organiser perspective, the door is not closed. “We will send a survey to all of the festival-goers, asking them what they thought of their experience,” said the spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. “Thus, we can best evaluate what is needed for next year. Decisions will only be taken when this evaluation is completed.”

“It is evident that demand will be still be high next year. Over half an hour, 60,000 tickets per day were sold. From the neighbouring commune of Rumst, we received 6,000 ticket requests...for a commune of 8,000 habitants. Given that the site used is not extensive, the possibility of organising two weekends remains open to us,” thus pleasing even more visitors. “However, it will be necessary to keep the same format for each weekend, to ensure that nobody buys places for both periods.”

In 2014, for the 10th edition, the Tomorrowland festival was orchestrated over two weekends.

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