Around 40 Walloon communes turn to Disaster Fund in bad spring/summer weather

It is on record that around 40 Walloon communes turned to the national Disaster Fund during the unprecedented bad weather in May, June and July of this year. This is reported today (Tuesday) in Le Soir.

According to Paul Dewil, the manager of the Wallonia Regional Crisis Centre, the cost of the bad weather may run to “several tens of millions of euros”. Around 40 Walloon communes officially requested help from the Disaster Fund at regional level, some apropos of two unrelated catastrophes.

“Since the beginning of May, we have recorded eleven incidents of unusual weather phenomena. These have involved heavy rainfall, hailstorms, thunderstorms and floods,” M. Dewil elaborated.

The national Disaster Fund plays a part operating in a supplementary manner to insurance. It has a budget of around five million euros.

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