New reductions in petrol and diesel Wednesday

New reductions in petrol and diesel Wednesday
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The maximum prices of petrol and diesel will go down Wednesday. The price reduction of diesel is however curbed by the application of the ratchet system, stated Tuesday the Economy SPF.

The maximum price of petrol 95 will go down 1.1 cents per litre, to 1.296 euros. For petrol 98, the price shall be 1.361 euros maximum per litre (-1.1 cents).

Diesel will also see a reduction, of 2.1 cents, a decrease curbed by an increase in the special excise duty rate to be applied for compensating the reduction in the maximum price of this product. The highest price will henceforth be 1.163 euros per litre.

This is the fourth and last application of the ratchet system in 2016. The use of this system is within the sphere of hikes in excise duty rates on diesel decided on by the federal government for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

(Source: Belga)

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