The 6 million euro Lottery winner has still not come forward

The 6 million euro Lottery winner has still not come forward

The mysterious 6,176,202 euro National Lottery winner had still not claimed their winnings on Saturday, according to a press release. The winnings are from the 26th of March draw. In theory, the winner has until 23.59pm to come forward, but it is becoming less and less likely that they will. The National Lottery office is closed at the weekend, and now the outlets where the winning ticket can be checked have also shut.

We do know the ticket with the six winning numbers was bought at a National Lottery outlet in the Brussels region. The Lottery had not released this information until now, as it’s something they ask people who claim to have won. “Opportunistic people who falsely claim to have won often give themselves away when we ask where they bought their ticket”, explains Kiki Vervloessem, the National Lottery spokesman.

The Lottery has made every effort to trace the winner. They put an announcement in French, Dutch and German language newspapers. There were notices put up at more than 3,400 outlets. The Lottery got more than a thousand calls and around a hundred emails in two weeks.

This is only the second time a big winner has not come forward. The 6 million euro winner was given 20 weeks to come forward.

(Source: Belga)

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