Earthquake in Italy – Belgian Red Cross seeks donations for aid

Earthquake in Italy – Belgian Red Cross seeks donations for aid

The Belgian Red Cross has decided to support its Italian counterpart by calling for donations to provide aid to victims of the earthquake which destroyed several villages and claimed at least 247 lives Wednesday in central Italy. In a communiqué, the Belgian Red Cross observed that rescue services and victims are in need of much support.     

Over 420 Italian rescue workers are at the locations of the tragedy, concentrating on locating survivors. “It’s terrible. The people are in a state of shock,” said Tommaso Della Longa, spokesperson for the Italian Red Cross. “They saw their homes destroyed and lost everything. Large portions of cities were completely destroyed: homes, schools, churches… For us rescue workers, it’s a race against time: every minute counts in seeking out survivors. This is our priority.”

Psycho-social support teams and dog teams are also at work, and the Red Cross has already deployed over 100 intervention vehicles.

In supporting Italy, the Belgian Red Cross has requested donations to its emergency fund: BE72 00000000-1616. All monies collected will be transferred to the Italian Red Cross.  

The powerful earthquake which hit central Italy early Wednesday killed at least 247 persons, stated Thursday Civil Protection of Italy. Three villages were practically wiped out.

(Source: Belga)

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