Uganda adoptions: 6 of the children can go to Belgium with their parents

Good news for the ten Ugandan children adopted by Belgian families: six of them can now go to Belgium, after being stuck in Uganda for several weeks. “Negotiations for the other four are still going on in Uganda, but we hope that will be resolved quickly”, said Flemish MP Lorin Parys. He is in charge of the case.

The children and their parents will leave Uganda at the start of next week. The Belgian couples and the children currently being adopted have been stuck in Uganda for two and a half months. They needed a visa to be able to move to Belgium.

According to new Ugandan legislation, the parents have to live in Uganda for a year before they can leave the country with their children. The Flemish adoption centre has managed to obtain exceptions for the children who are already in the process of being adopted.

(Source: Belga)

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