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Big clean-up of Molenbeek associations

The police and justice department have been looking into Molenbeek associations. This is all part of the Belfi project, which was started 2 years ago. 90 associations have been dismantled and around a dozen inquiries have been opened since it started, De Standaard reported on Saturday.

Brussels Prosecutor Johan Delmulle started the Belfi project in 2014, to combat radicalisation. The idea was to keep an eye on associations in areas where radicalisation is a problem.

The results of this project will be presented on Friday. Eight operations have checked 26 locations in Molenbeek, including cafés, shops, sports clubs, mosques and Koranic schools. 17 associations and 3 mosques had problems and an illegal school had been opened, the Prosecutor explained.

Local police also checked 1,571 associations: 450 of them were checked more thoroughly, and 87 were closed voluntarily or following legal action.

(Source: Belga)