Attempted Willebroek abduction – police investigate some 10 avenues

Attempted Willebroek abduction – police investigate some 10 avenues
The investigation into Monday's attempted Willebroek abduction continues.© Belga

The police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are currently investigating some ten avenues linked with the attempted abduction of a 14 year old teenager in Willebroek on Monday. Investigating authorities revealed this yesterday (Wednesday).

Surveillance camera images are being viewed in immense detail. Moreover, there is increased vigilance in force in schools.

During the incident a 14 year old girl from Willebroek escaped abduction on Monday, upon her return from school.

The perpetrators placed a bag on her head and she was transported in a minibus. The victim was able to jump from the vehicle and escape.

The Malines-Willebroek police and the Malines division of the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office were actively looking for witnesses at the scene on Tuesday.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office spokesman indicated, “The investigation is still ongoing. We are currently working on around ten avenues. These all need to be checked out.”

He went on, “The video images need to be checked in their entirety.”

There is a heavy police presence, as much in uniform as in civilian clothes around schools. Eddy Bevers, the Willebroek Alderman (of the New Flemish Alliance), moreover, made known that the news had been devastating to the local area.

He said, “I have received calls as much from worried parents as local associations, through to 1.30 a.m. this morning. [Wednesday morning]” He insisted that the investigation was being treated as a priority.

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