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Salary gap widens from start of careers

Salary gap between men and women widens the  from the start of respective male and female careers in the same role. Male employees start out more often than their female colleague with variable pay and often non-statutory benefits. This is revealed in study which came out yesterday (Thursday) by HR supplier SD Worx.

This compared the wages of more than 11,500 young under 24 with less than two years leng of service.

It reveals a significant gulf with male employees are twice as likely to benefit from an expense allowance and three times as likely to benefit from a company car.

The difference in terms of gross monthly salary is less clear-cut since men on average 2.008.60 euros at the beginning of their career, compared to the 1,935.78 euros earned by their female colleagues.

“There are several explanations for these differences,” Benoît van Grieken, HR Managing Consultant with SD Worx, quoted in a communiqué.

He goes further, “There are more women working in less well paid sectors, and the non-statutory benefits are more restricted, for example in retail.”

van Grieken’s concluding adds, “Moreover, women more often work part-time than men do,” however a growing proportion of businesses are applying a transparent salary policy.

The Brussels Times