Apparent predominance of childhood leukaemia near Mol-Dessel plant

Apparent predominance of childhood leukaemia near Mol-Dessel plant
Startling revelations from a leukaemia study.© Belga

Leukaemia is detected two or three time more frequently amongst children under 14 residing in the neighbourhood near the nuclear waste treatment plant at Mol-Dessel. This arises from an investigation reported in De Morgen on Monday.

Detailed results of an epidemiological investigation show that leukaemia was detected two or three times more frequently amongst children living within a 15 kilometre-radius around the Mol-Dessel plant than amongst other children in their age group.

An article published in the scientific journal, the European Journal of Cancer Prevention (EJCP), states, “Moreover, there is an established link between the distance from the site and the direction of the wind carrying radioactive gases.”

Lodewijk Van Bladel, an expert on radiation with the Federal Agency of Nuclear Monitoring (FANM) and investigation co-author, confirms that those in this sample are handful of sick children. Thus a doubling or indeed tripling of data is very quickly reached.

Van Bladel recommends that, “Another investigation based on a larger sample is therefore necessary to assess the validity of the current study.”

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