De Wever favours 20% Corporate Tax and praises government track record

De Wever favours 20% Corporate Tax and praises government track record
De Wever argues for a flat rate of 20% Corporation Tax.© Belga

On Wednesday in an interview with L’Echo, the President of the N-VA (New Flemish Alliance), Bart De Wever argues in favour of the introduction of a single rate of 20% Corporate Tax. The Antwerp alderman also considers that the federal government’s tax reforms are bearing fruit, although additional efforts are required to compile an appropriate budget.

De Wever says he favours removing all tax exemptions and lowering Corporate Tax across the board to 20%. This would lead to “a degree of fair taxation for SMEs.”

He goes on, “Everyone stands to gain from both such clarity and simplicity within our tax system.”

The President of the nationalist centre-right party congratulates the federal government, of which his party is part, on a job well done in the socio-economic sphere, apart from around the budget issue.

Consequently, he is pleading with the government to make additional efforts, in particular within the health sector.

“When we see that there are 30 billion euros spent each year within the health sector, we must make an effort.”

Moreover, De Wever confirms that it is “unthinkable” for the New Flemish Alliance to govern with the PS.

De Wever states, “If it is the electorate’s will, we will continue to govern without the PS, and if the electorate demands that we have discussions with PS, we will present our joint plan of action. As political equations go, it’s not rocket science.”

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