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In post-attack Belgium “Our country has become safer”

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Jambon says that Belgium is a safer country since the March 22nd attacks.
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Six months after the attacks perpetrated at Brussels Airport at Zaventem and in the Brussels metro, the Minister for Security and the Interior Jan Jambon (of the New Flemish Alliance – N-VA) acknowledges that the danger is ever present. However, he regards the future optimistically, in view of the reactions which followed. “I think that the attacks have strengthened societal cohesion,” he confirms in an interview published today by Het Nieuwsblad.

This summer, Jambon held back on security discussions which were obviously driving some politicians, whilst the N-VA clearly took the lead on this topic.

He indicates, “Since the government agreement, security conditions have at the very least developed. It is therefore logical that parties are coming to the table with new proposals.”

He goes on, “It is my role, initially, to put these ideas on the Cabinet table. However, I have, of course collaborated with my party – the N-VA,” he indicated.

The Minister considers that the country has become a safer place during the last two years. He stresses, “Thanks to specific intelligence and research methods, we have more possibilities to intercept terrorist network messages.”

He elaborates, “I am not saying that the possibility of a further attack should be completely excluded. However the environment has become safer. This is also our responsibility. People should continue be go about their daily lives without living in fear.”

Mr Jambon further states, “Moreover, we have succeeded on this front up to now.” He recalls that people did not avoid the large festivals and celebrations this summer, although there were tighter controls.

He believes that the attacks have strengthened societal cohesion saying, “The terrorists have not destroyed our country’s model through their actions.”

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