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Brussels organizes a party to celebrate its diversity

On 30 September, Brussels will organise a huge party with over 120 international artists. Celebrating the diversity of the city, a packed line-up is scheduled to perform, which include choral groups from Japan, Dutch rap, a Turkish electro version of Kiss-Kiss, Prince covers performed by Papa Wemba, Stromae’s “Formidable” hit sung in Arabic and many other groups, songs and voices from all over the world. In short, it will be a big melting pot, reflecting the cosmopolity and open-mindedness which exists in Brussels and which promises to be a great evening to remember where cocktails and plenty of food trucks will also be available.

Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world and according to the World Migration Report, the most international city in Europe with over 183 different nationalities. Throughout 2017, the major project, named 2017, intends to highlight this diversity. Several large events will give colour to 2017 and will emphasise religious and sexual freedom, cultural openness, the 183 nationalities living in Brussels and its eclectic art.

HELLO MIXITY, which will take place over two large scenes at Mont des Arts this Friday 30 September, is expected to be a festive musical prelude to what the year of diversity will have to offer.

The event will be free-of-charge and open to everyone.

It will begin at 6 pm until 10.30 pm. Free guided tour To give attendees the chance to get an extra taste of the Brussels’ diversity just before the concert, free guided tours will be available in French, Dutch and English. In Dutch and English, a Bruksel guide will help to scrape away the top layer of uniformity and will show the diversity that is hidden underneath in the centre of Brussels.

The tour will start on 30 September at 5.30 pm, at the Carrefour de l’Europe. It will return in time for the start of the concert.

Participation is free but online registration is highly recommended in the following link:

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