Cheffou intends to lodge complaint for ill-treatment during detention
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Cheffou intends to lodge complaint for ill-treatment during detention

© Belga
Cheffou poised to complain about ill-treatment in police and prison custody.
© Belga

Fayçal Cheffou, wrongly suspected of being the “Man in the Hat” wanted after the March 22nd attack at Brussels Airport, intends to make complaints against both the federal police and Forest prison. This is on the grounds of the ill-treatment he suffered during four days of detention from Thursday, March 24th at 6 p.m. to Monday, March 28th at 5 p.m.

He has stated this today (Wednesday) to the press agency Belga.

He states having been given nothing to eat or drink during his 41 hours in police custody at the police station in Rue Royale.

It appears that only one policeman may have privately given him his small bottle of water and two bananas.

Incredibly angry and after recovering a surveillance camera on Friday, March 25th around 9 p.m., for the purpose of obtaining information on his file, he now contends that around seven policeman beat him whilst the light in his cell was off.

This occurred until he fainted.

The police also removed his overalls. He was almost forced to spend the night naked, against his will, but concedes that a policeman did give him a blanket after a few hours.

During his transfer to Forest prison on the morning of Saturday, 26 March, he believes his refusal to comply with officers’ wish to have a discussion, may have led to additional blows and the placing of a loaded gun to his temple.

Having noticed that his first prison meal on Saturday was covered in spit and mucus, he decided not to eat for the rest of his stay.

Considering the potential danger linked to his criminal charges, the prison board instigated specific measures, in particular the withdrawal of sharp objects and round the clock observation of the prisoner.

Cheffou says that the wardens turned on the light and made a significant amount of noise every three-quarters of an hour during the night, so as to prevent him from sleeping.

Lars Andersen
The Brussels Times