Marcinelle: policeman arrested in possession of weapons planning double assassination

A Charleroi policeman, aged 35, was arrested during a police operation. This arrest occurred on Monday afternoon. He had been pinpointed by foreign intelligence services following the purchase of weapons and explosives on the Dark Web.
He was planning, in all probability, at that point to assassinate two individuals.

The Charleroi Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed yesterday (Tuesday) the dual arrest warrant issued for Thomas V., a local policeman aged 35. He belonged to the GSA (the Security and Intelligence Group) from the Chareroi zone.

The investigating judge has charged him with illegally importing weapons and two counts of attempted murder.

Sources close to the case say that the suspect was pinpointed by foreign intelligence services when ordering weapons and explosives on the Dark Web.

An investigation was opened by the federal police. Several weapons had been delivered through the post.

The authorities cordoned off Rue Tienne Saint-Gilles in Marcinelle, the address of the suspect.

The latter was arrested by special forces and numerous items were seized from the scene, amongst which were clearly a number of weapons.

As mentioned above, the Charleroi Public Prosecutors Office said that the policeman was planning to kill two people of his acquaintance by using these weapons.

Other sources said that these potential targets were the new the boyfriends of two of his ex-girlfriends.

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