Accomplices of Paris and Brussels attacks were targeting Schiphol

Two accomplices in the Paris and Brussels attacks left the Belgian capital for Amsterdam on November 13th, 2015, the day the French capital was hit. They would have carried out an attack at Schiphol airport, Volkskrant reported yesterday (Wednesday) quoting Le Monde. It is not known why they did not carry it out.

These individuals have been identified. They are the Tunisian, Sofiane Ayari, aged 23, arrested on March 18th in a hideaway in Molenbeek in the company of Salah Abdeslam, and the Syrian of Swedish origin, Osama Krayem, arrested on April 8th in Laeken.

Krayem, in particular, appeared on the video-surveillance images from the Brussels metro with the perpetrator of the attack at Maelbeek station, Khalid El Bakraoui.

Ayari and Krayem went to the Netherlands on a Eurolines bus, with false documents. They had a return ticket, said the Anti-terrorist Division of the Central Headquarters of the Judicial Police (CHJP) in France.

Krayem may have indicated in an initial statement that he reserved a room at a hotel in Amsterdam, before later confirming that he had arrived back in Brussels on the same day with Sofiane Ayari.

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