Salt stocks ready in case roads need them

Salt stocks ready in case roads need them
This is one time of year when too much salt is not bad for you!

There are 60,000 tonnes of salt already stored in the 42 districts of the Walloon region. This was indicated yesterday (Monday) by the General Management of Wallonia Public Service for Roads and Buildings.

A thousand tonnes are also expected in the Brussels region depots, Brussels Transport (responsible for transport in the Brussels region) explained.

The lorries are ready for winter on the roads, a season which now stretches from mid-October to mid-May.

“Lorries only had to come out three times last year,” Camille Thiry, the Manager of the Communications Team for Brussels Transport, explained.

In Wallonia, there are still 30,000 tonnes in the region's depots, as last winter was particularly mild.

On average, 70,000 tonnes of salt are spread each year in Wallonia and 3,000 tonnes in Brussels.

The regional services have filled their depots at the beginning of October, as “it could freeze at night.” The spokesman for the Wallonia Public Service for Roads and Buildings, Laurence Zanchetta observes this.

Regional road services are taking measurements and have weather stations, which are able to predict temperature falls.

Laurence Zanchetta indicates, “In the face of horrendous snow and ice, there is little we can do other than go round and round with the lorries.”

He went on, “We are more efficient as regards prevention, by limiting the risks of frost by spraying at night.”

Moreover in case of a hard winter, salt suppliers of regional services are ready to replenish the depots.

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