Paris attacks – Brother of Salah Abdeslam demands an explanation

Mohamed Abdeslam asked his brother Salah, the key susect in the Paris attacks of November 13th, 2015 to “explain himself”, despite Salah Abdeslam’s decision to remain silent, according to his lawyers.

“I am asking my brother to explain himself,” stated Mohamed Abdeslam when interviewed by RTL.

“During my visits to Belgium, the Salah Abdeslam I truly knew was ready to explain himself…Some months later, it was as if I was facing a different person,” he added.

He went on, “I was effectively able to see that Salah was increasingly withdrawn, more introverted.”

Salah Abdeslam, a Frenchman from Belgium, aged 27, was according to investigators, at the heart of preparations for the most murderous attacks ever committed in France, which caused 130 deaths.

After four months on the run in Brussels, he was arrested on March 18th, before appearing in the French courts on April 27th, who indicted him for terrorist assassination.

He is the only living member of the jihadist commandos of November 13th.

His lawyers were convinced that Salah Abdeslam, who was placed in isolation and watched 24 hours a day by video surveillance in the Fleury-Mérogis prison was not cooperating with the courts, by “exercising his right to silence” throughout.

His lawyers stated last week that they were no longer acting for him.

“This imprisonment, and all of these detention conditions generally have been extremely difficult, causing him to become increasingly withdrawn,” stated Mohamed Abdeslam on the subject of his brother.

“I even sometimes have the impression that he is more radicalised than deradicalised,” he further said, confiding that he visits him every three months.

He went on, that he expected “a lot” from the trial, but the point is “whether having a Salah Abdeslam in the dock whilst not telling the truth is a deception for us all.”

The other brother of Mohamed and Salah, Brahim, blew himself up in a Parisian cafe on November 13th.

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