The Far Right Party renounces cartel with People's Party

The Far Right Party renounces cartel with People's Party
La Droite is not favour of an alliance with the PP.

The radical far right party, La Droite, announced today (Wednesday) that it will be abandoning the draft cartel with the People's Party (PP). This was devised by the PP’s leader, the lawyer Mischaël Modrikamen, with the upcoming municipal elections in 2018 and the general elections in 2019 in mind.

La Droite considers such an alliance to be “somewhat unnatural” with a form described as being far right.

“From today, La Droite are renouncing the draft cartel project with the People's Party as being somewhat unnatural.” La Droite's office, run by the party's leader Aldo-Michel Mungo, stated this in a communiqué addressed to the Belga press agency.

“Some days ago, in the PP's propaganda mouthpiece ‘The People’ (the former socialist trade union daily publication, which Mr Modrikamen took over so as to disseminate an electronic version in 2010, editor's note), launched an appeal to members and voters of the National Front to join the People’s Party,” the radical right party states.

It goes on, “The mouthpiece was marketing the People’s Party as a political alternative.”

La Droite further states, “By this mechanism which was recently prohibited by law, the PP crossed the red line delinated by La Droite in Decembre 2015: there should no alliance with the far right.”

“In law the PP knowingly crossed the Rubicon,” the text adds.

For the La Droite party, “We have no reason for rallying our the old companions from the National Front. It is necessary, on the other hand to convince electors that a new alternative policy is possible within the party,” the communiqué goes on.

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