Motoring fines to go up from 2017

Motoring fines to go up from 2017
Motoring fines accelerate their way upwards.

Drivers parking inappropriately, driving too fast or who consume too much alcohol will pay higher fines from 2017, the newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen are reporting today. On-the-spot payment fines will go up by 5%, confirms the office of the Justice Minister, Koen Geens (of the Flemish Christian Democrats).

Fines imposed in court by a judge will increase not by a factor of six but, in fact, seven. Going further, the minister's office states that the totals will be adjusted to the cost of living and will be in line with neighbouring countries.

However, judge Kathleen Stinckens does not think that this decision will encourage drivers to drive more carefully. She says the size of the sums payable under the new system will force judges to take use alternative punishments, such as community service.

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