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Belgium should invest urgently in intelligence

The political world should invest more in intelligence and the fight against financing  terrorism. This emerges from a report published today (Thursday) by the Institut Egmont, which RTBF had early sight of, and broadcast yesterday evening.The report’s writers say this investment is “very urgent.”

The report, written in English, is entitled “Counter-terrorism in Belgium: Key challenges and policy options”. The document also suggests that files are all too rapidly entrusted to the legal world, leading to a work overload for judges and policemen.

These officials struggle to keep on top of the files, whilst the intelligence is itself under-used.

“We should rethink at what point we go from a preventative approach, centred upon intelligence services to a repressive approach, centred around the legal world or even where we place the dividing line between the two.”

This is the view of Thomas Renard, from the Institut Egmont.

The Brussels Times