Government approves new airport security concept

Government approves new airport security concept
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The federal government on Friday approved a new security concept for Belgium’s airports, and its first effect will be the disappearance of the three pre-screening tents set up at the Brussels National airport since the terror attacks in the Belgian capital.

The additional human resources deployed since then at the airport have gradually and partially been replaced by technology.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras have already been installed at the airport, while a third of the airport police have been trained in behaviour detection officer (BDO) techniques enabling them to detect suspicious behaviour. The rest of the airport police are scheduled to receive similar training.

The new cameras have been installed at an electronic barrier on Highway A201, the road leading to the airport, which lets vehicles in at a reduced pace. The incoming vehicles can then be screened with the help of BDO techniques.

Private security agents deployed since the attacks at Zaventem airport will remain on duty until the end of the year.

Interior Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA Party) has repeated his intention to extend the measures to regional airports throughout the country in consultation with the authorities concerned.

(Source: Belga)

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