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RMI notes a chill in the air during October

This October has been unusually cold, according to the Royal Meterogical Institute’s (RMI) monthly climate report. This was published today (Tuesday). The average temperature was thus 9.7°C in Uccle, compared with a seasonal norm of 11.1°C.

The minimum average temperatures have also been unusually low, at 6.3°C, compared to a seasonal norm of 7.8°C.

The lowest temperature was seen on October 6th at Givry (in Bertogne) with -2°C.

Conversely the 16th of the month saw maximum temperatures going up to around 20°C in the majority of the country, reaching the maximum (22.1°C) in Kapelle-op-den-Bos (Flemish Brabant).

The RMI recorded the expected amount of rain in Uccle, having a total of 50.7 mm of rain over 13 days, compared to a seasonal norm of 74.5 mm measured over 16.6 days.

Neither were there significantly more days of thunderstorms than normal with 7 days, compared to a norm of 5.9 days.

The length of sunshine reached 108 hours and 49 minutes in Uccle, compared to a seasonal norm (112 hours and 38 minutes) for this month of the year.

Lastly, the RMI noted that there has been an “abnormally low” amount of wind during the last month.

The average wind speeds in Uccle were abnormally low with only 2.9 metres/second (the seasonal norm being 3.7 metres/second). An even lower value has only ever been noted in 2007 and 2015, at 2.7 metres/second.

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