Man attempts to kill wife using ammonia in Montignies-sur-Sambre

A man, aged 26, was arrested for attempted murder. The day before, he had tried to kill his wife, attempting to splash ammonia over her and approach her with a gas lighter.

This incident happened in Montignies-sur-Sambre, a district of Charleroi. The victim had left the perpetrator, who in recent months had become radicalised.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning on Rue de l'Espérance in Montignies-sur-Sambre. The victim was walking along the street with her sister, when her spouse appeared.

The day before, the couple had argued and the young women had made a decision to leave him. During the argument, she criticised him for becoming radicalised, preventing her from taking her driving test and, when going out, forcing her to wear traditional clothes. She would not tolerate all of this any longer.

Equipped with a gas lighter and a container of ammonia, the criminal tried to kill his wife but she was pushed out of the way by her sister. The two young women then took took refuge with a local resident who alerted the police.

Wanted by the police, the individual turned himself in. He does, however, deny the facts as reported by the victim and her sister.

A visit to the house revealed nothing abnormal. Referred to appear before the investigating judge on Wednesday, the man was arrested for attempted murder.

He is due to appear before the Charleroi court (sitting in chambers) tomorrow (Friday).

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