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Rate of unemployment still at 10% in the eurozone

The rate of unemployment remained stable during September in the eurozone, compared to the previous month, at 10%, the Eurostat Office for Statistics states.
It decreased in comparison to the 10.6% recorded in September 2015.

It is at its lowest rate in the eurozone since June 2011.

In the 28 EU countries, the rate of unemployment overall increased to 8.5% in September. This was also stable compared to the previous month and had decreased compared to September 2015 (9.2%).

In the EU, this is the lowest rate recorded since February 2009.

Eurostat say 20,789 million citizens were unemployed in the 28 European countries (this is an increase of 1.6 million), 16.18 million of these being in the eurozone (which saw an increase of 905,000).

The lowest rates of unemployment were seen in the Czech Republic (4%) as well as in Germany (4.1%).

The highest rates were recorded in Greece (23.2%) and in Spain (19.3%).

Over a year, the rate of unemployment has decreased in the member states generally, but increased in Estonia, Denmark and Italy.

The most marked decreases were seen in Croatia, Cyprus and Spain.

In September 2016, 4.125 million youngsters under 25 were unemployed in the EU28, of whom 2.875 million were in the eurozone.

These figures have decreased compared to September 2015.

The rate of unemployment of under 25s was 18.2% in the EU overall and 20.3% in the eurozone in September 2016, compared respectively to 20% and 22% a year earlier.

The Brussels Times