For Good app stimulates businesses to reduce ecological footprint

For Good app stimulates businesses to reduce ecological footprint
For Good encourages individuals and businesses to go greener.

The Antwerp start-up For Good invites businesses and consumers to reduce their CO2 emissions in a fun way.
To this end, both a mobile app and an ecological challenge have been developed.

These tools analyse the ecological footprint, expressed by the “number of planets consumed” by the participant, giving him tricks and tips to reduce it.

Several businesses are already committed to addressing the challenge proposed by For Good.

Amongst them are Securex, the Antwerp Provincial Council and even Adecco, which happens to have been For Good's first client.

Maarten Desmet, the co-founder of For Good explained, “In a short time and with the minimum effort, Adecco succeeded in reducing its ecological footprint by 15%. It saved 7,000 kg of CO2.”

He went on, “It did this, in particular, by management and employees giving up the car but also by organising vegetarian meals. In doing so, they thus recovered ‘1/3 of a planet.’”

Using the slogan “Creating future”, the start-up hopes that by assisting businesses it will arm them for the future.

Stijn Bruers, who is leading the ecological footprint project with the social and environmental organisation Ecolife, stresses, “The results so far make us very enthusiastic.”

He goes on, “If Belgium's businesses and organisations genuinely hurl themselves into it, Belgium will be able to show that it is truly investing in sustainable development and contribute, as appropriate, to reaching international climate objectives.”

For Good indicates that the average Belgian is nowadays consuming “more than four planets” thus occupying fifth place in the world rankings for CO2 emissions.

The start-up has calculated, together with Ecolife, that if one Belgian in five made the same savings, it would indeed be possible for Belgium to reach its international climate objectives.

These are forcing us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 4.7 megatons per year, to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

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