Intelligence services prepare for a ‘wave’ of jihadist fighters

Intelligence services prepare for a ‘wave’ of jihadist fighters

“We can see that ISIS is under pressure because of the attacks on Raqqa and Mosul. Belgian fighters will either stay there to help the ISIS defence, or they will be sent back. Not just the 200 Belgians, but the 3,000 to 5,000 Europeans over there”, Mr Jambon told ‘A votre avis’ (RTBF). “All the Intelligence services are keeping an eye on it, and exchanging information. If this wave does arrive, we have to be ready”, he added.

117 Belgian people who left to fight in ISIS territory have come back, Jan Jambon revealed. Half of them are in prison, the others are under surveillance. “A dozen people who attempted to leave for Syria are also under surveillance”.

In his eyes, Belgium is safer than before the Paris attacks last year. This is because of 30 government measures “which have almost all been applied”. “There is a stronger security culture than before, especially within the population that follows the security service directives.”

(Source: Belga)

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