IEWM condemns “The government takes very little account of women.”

IEWM condemns “The government takes very little account of women.”
Women still suffer disproportionately despite equality legislation.© Belga

Since 2013, new laws and measures have been subject to a gender test, as a constant check on whether either of the two sexes are being too heavily penalised. The gender test has aimed to integrate this dimension within federal policies.

According to the Institute for Equality for Women and Men, (the IEWM), federal government ministers have produced this test incorrectly, circumventing its provisions and completing it misleadingly.

This is reported today (Monday) in De Morgen.

The Secretary of State, with the remit in this field, Elke Sleurs, acknowledges that there is more work to do in the sphere, but stresses that this issue, quite rightly, occupies her for now.

Additional training by different departments has also been initiated. Its aim has been to give more attention to male-female equality, with the management of files opened by various departments

For the Flemish ecology party Groen!, this is not, however, enough.

It is demanding that this gender test is carried out in a serious and consistent manner.

The deputy, Evita Willaert, considers, “An entire series of government measures still affects women disproportionately.”

The government “clearly lacks empathy to evaluate the impact of its policy upon women,” she laments.

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