Entrepreneurship now more prevalent in Belgium

Belgians are slightly more inclined than last year to start their own business. This emerges from the seventh Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER 2016), published today (Tuesday).

Eight out of ten Belgians have a positive attitude to entrepreneurship (which compares to 73% in 2015), although only roughly one in three Belgians (35%, compared to 33% in 2015) have actually started their own business.

Unlike last year, Belgians are slightly above the global average of 77%, concerning a positive appraisal of entrepreneurship.

As to those for have turned the idea into a reality, the proportion does, however, remain below the average (43%) taking the figures for the 45 countries questioned.

The report also includes an Index for Entrepreneurial Spirit Index (ESI), taking into account the desire to set up, feasibility and social pressure.

In this sphere Belgium gets a score of 46, behind the Netherlands (55) and France (47), but in front of Germany (with 34).

Vietnam (having 81), India (with 80) and Thaïland (on 77) lead the field in this aspect, whilst the global average is 50.

The report states that the increase in entrepreneurship in Belgium is linked to the expanding interest, on the part of women and the over 50s, in starting their own business. Thus, half of those 50 and over consider it is an opportunity for an interesting career.

Bernard Surlemont, Business professor at HEC Management School – University of Liège reports, “Given that the minimum compulsory retirement age is 65, the majority of workers feel obliged to find an alternative. Entrepreneurship seems an increasingly interesting option, when viewed in the current context of the employment market.” He is quoted as saying this in a communiqué.

The number of Belgian women having a positive attitude to entrepreneurship has, moreover, increased from 9% compared to last year, to hit 80% this year.

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