COP22: “Crucial” to maintain “the spirit of Paris”

COP22: “Crucial” to maintain “the spirit of Paris”
Marie-Christine Marghem stresses the importance of maintaining “the spirit of Paris”.

On Wednesday evening in Marrakech, the federal Minister for the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development, Marie-Christine Marghem, considered that it is “crucial” to maintain the prevailing “spirit” following the adoption of the Paris agreement. This has already allowed tangible progress in the fight against global warming.

Amongst the examples of progress in this sphere, the Minister quoted the “valuable successes” generated this year. These have occurred within the Organisation for International Civil Aviation, the International Maritime Organisation and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

The Minister argued strongly that the spirit of Paris, “based upon trust and cooperation”, should continue to prevail in ongoing negotiations, in particular with key questions around climate financing or strengthening the capacities of developing countries. This was in her speech within the high-level segment of COP22.

Ms Marghem was thus delighted that “the Paris Committee on Strengthening Capacities is now set up, with amongst other purposes, facilitating the implementation of contributions to climate change which are determined at national level.”

Belgium, she announced, has launched an initiative both to support poor countries, and indeed the most vulnerable countries, to implement their climate commitments within the framework of the Paris agreement.

The Minister also stressed Belgium's measures to “effect the Paris agreement,” by means of developing an energy pact and an “integrated national energy-climate plan”, and through launching a “national debate on carbon prices.”

“The multilateralism train taking us towards a low-carbon society is operating to schedule and I guarantee you that it can no longer be brought to a halt,” Ms Marghem concluded. She went on to confirm that “Belgium would do everything possible to encourage both national and international efforts of the various signatories to the Paris agreement.”

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