Attempted kidnap of a little girl in Erbaut

An unknown individual tried to kidnap a 10 year old girl in Erbaut, near Jaubise. The incident happened at around 4pm on Tuesday. The girl was on her way home from the SHAPE American primary school in Casteau. Investigators are following several lines of inquiry, the Mons Prosecutor’s office said on Friday. This confirms information that appeared in SudPresse.

The girl had just left the American SHAPE primary school in Casteau and took the school bus, which dropped her a few hundred metres from her house in Rue de Centenaire in Erbaut.

The girl was walking on the pavement. She was followed by a grey van, which was moving slowly. An individual got out the passenger door, and tried to grab hold of her. She fought back, and elbowed her attacker. She was able to get away and reach her home. Her mother went outside as soon as she heard what had happened, but didn’t see the attacker in the street.

The Mons Prosecutor’s office said the investigation was being led by the SHAPE police, and has been forwarded for information. They are following numerous lines of inquiry. The Prosecutor’s office said the girl is fine.  

(Source: Belga)

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