A young woman seriously hurt after a 2 car race in Verviers

A young woman from Aubel (Liege) was seriously injured at 5.30am on Saturday, after a VW Polo and Renault Clio in crashed in Verviers. The Vesdre police said the accident happened during a 2 car race down Gérardchamps.

Police revealed the two drivers were racing when one of them, a Frenchman living in Verviers, lost control of his vehicle.

“The vehicle crossed the central berm and hit a street-light, then smashed through the safety barrier and crashed into another vehicle coming the other way. Police added “a woman in her thirties from Dison” was on board the Clio. She received light injuries and was left in shock.        

Three youths born in 1998 were on board the Polo. The driver and passenger were not injured, but taken to hospital anyway. The young woman in the back was taken to the Citadelle. She is still fighting for her life.

(Source: Belga)

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