Police whistle-blowers soon to receive protection

Police whistle-blowers soon to receive protection
Protection for police whistle-blowers is soon likely to be available.

A bill aiming to protect police whistle-blowers has been submitted by the federal deputy, Koenraad Degroote (of the New Flemish Alliance). This is reported in De Tijd today (Tuesday). The aim is to crush the unwritten code of silence, which surrounds some abuses perpetrated by malicious police.

All four coalition parties support this bill.

It will allow members of police forces to denounce abuses, within their respective police service, and to benefit from the same protected status that federal civil servants have now enjoyed for some three years.

Carl Medo, the President of the police trade union, the SNPS, definitely welcomes the proposal. ”Currently, agents denouncing particular acts are most often transferred to another station or service. Would you be prepared speak out in such conditions?”

He goes further, ”If we want to reform our police force, we must allow staff to speak out about what is clearly not working within their given unit.”

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