Saint Nicholas already received many letters from little Belgians

Saint Nicholas already received many letters from little Belgians
New Saint Nicholas letter boxes

Like every year, children write letters to the Great Saint, but this year, correspondence is massive, according to bpost. Drawings and requests for toys were deposited in great numbers in the letter boxes. Compared to this time last year, there has been an increase of 40%.

“The fact that more children have sent letters to Saint Nicholas, or that they have done so earlier than usual, may be due to the presence, for the first time, of letter boxes with an image of the Great Saint,” said Barbara Van Speybroeck, spokesperson for bpost. “We distributed 2,200 red letter boxes decorated with a mitre and a beard. It’s a reminder for parents. When they see the boxes, they remember that their children must not forget to send their letters.”

Over 10,000 letters are processed every day at the Saint Nicholas Secretariat of bpost, which employs about thirty persons. Christophe Mairy is one of these people. In his 25 long years working at the post office, this is his first autumn at the Brussels X temporary secretariat. “Most letters are easy-going, nice to read. But there are also sometimes some sad letters among the correspondence. A letter from a child whose father had recently died recently asked Saint Nicholas to bring him back to life. One cannot remain indifferent when reading this kind of thing.”

This year, bpost plans to process some 300,000 letters for the Great Saint. The address is Saint Nicholas, no. 1 Paradise Road, 0612, Heaven. Children may write until December 1st. Saint Nicholas, with the help of bpost, will respond to the letters which have a return address.  

(Source: Belga)

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