“There are too many MPs in the Flemish parliament”

Siegfried Bracke and Jan Peumans think that parliament could function with less members, they said in an interview given to Het Nieuwsblad. It The interview was printed in Saturday’s edition (26 November).

The Chamber of Representatives currently has 150 MPs and the Parliament has 124. The two Flemish nationalists think these figures could be lowered. “ We could maybe get by with 80 members. We should consider that”, Jan Peumans said.

The Presidents of the two Assemblies want it all sorted by 2019. Their parties want to introduce new communal obligations. “These should simplify political structures and make meetings less expensive”, explained Siegfried Bracke.

The Brussels, Walloon, Brussels-Wallonia Federation and German-speaking Parliaments have 89, 75, 94 and 25 members.

(Source: Belga)

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