Translators and interpreters over the moon with national register

The Belgian Chamber of Translations and Interpreters (BCTI) welcomes the launch of the National Register for Interpreters and Judicial Experts. From last Friday, every judicial expert, translator and interpreter in the legal sphere must register.

“This is a historic (step) (…) since for the first time (in Belgium), a given form of protected status has been instigated, which de facto constitutes professional recognition of the profession.” This is the reaction of the BCTI’s Doris Grollmann, in a communiqué produced on Monday (yesterday).

The national register should make it possible to identify available certified translators and interpreters, and determine whether they are competent to be instructed in criminal or civil spheres.

Previously, there was no central system, which provoked fears of conflicts of interests.

It has taken a 14-year fight for the BCTI to ensure the instigation of this register and to formally recognise the profession. The organisation recalled this in the communiqué yesterday. It was thrilled that its plan has finally come to fruition.

However, representatives in the sector stress that their fight is not yet at an end. They are concerned, in particular, to ensure that “all legal translators and interpreters should now benefit sooner from income commensurate with the services which they are providing.”

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