Cleaning sector: registering workers in fight against fraud

Cleaning sector: registering workers in fight against fraud

A pilot registration project for workers in large businesses within the cleaning sector will start next year. This was announced on Tuesday by the Secretary of State for the Fight against Social Fraud, Philippe De Backer, when meeting with social partners.

This measure is part of a vast plan, comprising 15 measures aiming to fight fraud in the social sector.

Some 43,000 people work in cleaning businesses in Belgium, but they do not have to record when they are carrying out a particular job.

From next year, a pilot project, named Enregistrement-Flippo (Flippo Recording) will be introduced. Arrival and departure times of cleaning personnel will be recorded.

A project evaluation is anticipated half way through 2017, before definite implementation across the board in 2018.

In this way quality control services will detect fraud in the sector. Mr De Backer thus hopes to put an end to black market work and the phenomenon of posted workers (temporary workers from other EU member states).

The government considers that there is a loss of income for businesses operating within the law. Trade unions, for their part, are talking of a “great leap forward” around and are pleased that social dialogue around this subject has been a success.

For employers, the new digital system allows them to remove unnecessary paperwork. The government will stand half of the cost of launching this new registration system.

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