Russian destroyer on return from Syria passes offshore of Belgium coast

Russian destroyer on return from Syria passes offshore of Belgium coast
A Russian destroyer passed close to Belgium yesterday, having been involved in Putin's continuing support for the Syrian regime.

A Russian war ship, once again, came close to the Belgian coast a little yesterday (Tuesday). It was on its way from a return mission from Syria. Corroborative sources made this known. The ship was the Vice-Admiral Russian destoyer Koulakov, which crossed the English Channel yesterday between Dover (United Kingdom) and Calais (France), headed for the north-east of the Atlantic Ocean. This is per the press service of the Russian Northern Fleet, and has been cited by the Russian news agency TASS.

This ship quickly [entered] the Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) but outside of territorial waters. It navigated for some two hours there, before changing course towards the Dutch ZEE, a Belgian military source stated to the Belga press agency.

It was a normal transit in the shipping lanes of the high seas, this anonymous source added.

The Russian destroyer, returning from a mission in the Eastern Mediterranean, was remotely monitored by the Belgian Navy, such missions being described in the Belgian military as shadowing.

The Vice-Admiral Koulakov which is part of the imposing Russian fleet, currently eight-strong, had indeed passed the Belgian coast for a distance of 30-40 milles on October 21st october, during its journey south.

This Russian fleet, the most significant to pass off the Belgian coast for at least 20 years, says the Navy, also comprises the only Russian aircraft carrier in service, the Admiral Kouznetsov.

This 305-metre long warship, is equipped with the figher planes Sukhoi Su-33 and MiG-29. It lost one of both of these during the voyage, as well as attack helicopters, participating in Russian military manoeuvres in Syria.

Since September 30th, 2015, Russia is conducting air strikes in support of the troops in the Assad regime, for which it is the main ally.

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