Prince Laurent, “wants to be left alone to get on with his job”

Prince Laurent, “wants to be left alone to get on with his job”
Prince Laurent expressed his general frustration in public yesterday.© Belga

Prince Laurent appeared exhausted yesterday (Tuesday), at the end of the symposium on 30 years of animal welfare law at the Senate. He was questioned by a journalist from Sudpresse, with an RTL-TVI camera trained on him, on his action for the environment. “I have fought all of my life to be able to work. I only ask to be left alone and that you let me get on with it.”

He said this in response to a question relating to the balance sheet of his two companies, which own Renewable Energy House in Brussels.

The Prince retorted, “The balance sheet? Don’t ask me about that as it really irritates me. It has bugged me for years. It stops me working. There is no absolutely no need to take matters too far. It bugs me that I am unable to simply run my foundations without intrusions.”

He said, “the balance sheets are flawless.”

The Prince very much insisted, “During my life I have paid the state far more than it pays me. I have paid all kinds of contributions amounting to millions of euros. And now you tell me that my balance sheets are not in order?”

The Prince added, “If you leave me in peace, as much on the family front as with particular policies, I could perhaps show you the impeccable state of the balance sheets. I am struggling to turn this personal conflict situation around.”

In the end, King Albert’s younger son also explained that “he had faced [similar] roadblocks during his entire life.”

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