Antwerp Criminal Court: trial of Salafist movement “The Way of Life” starts

The terrorism trial of the Salafism movement “The Way of Life” will begin today (Monday) before Antwerp’s Criminal Court. The radical organisation was established during the break-up of the organisation Sharia4Belgium. It is thought that their members may have encouraged youngsters to leave for Syria and join Islamic State (IS).

Eight defendants are being prosecuted. Among them are Anouar Chaib, the brother of Hicham Chaib, formerly the head of Sharia4Belgium and who now has an important role within IS.

Despite the trial, two people will be absent since they are in Syria.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office commenced a trial for terrorist activities, having gathered evidence that Antwerp youths had been incited to take part in armed struggles in Syria.

The defendants risk receiving prison sentences of up to fifteen years.

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