There are still security lapses at airports

There are still security lapses at airports

There are still serious security lapses at some airports, Flemish channel VTM reported Saturday lunchtime. A Brussels Airport technician had his badge taken away for security reasons at the end of October. He also had access to Charleroi Airport, where his badge was only revoked a month later.

The individual worked as a maintenance technician at Zaventem and Charleroi Airports last summer. He was given temporary badges for the two Airports at the beginning of July. The National Security Authority (ANS) decided he was a security risk on the 21st of October, after checks were performed.

His security pass for Zaventem was revoked that “same day” according to MP Hans Bonte. His badge for Charleroi remained valid for another 32 days, which Mr Bonte said was “absurd”.

To get a badge, an employee has to submit a request through the Airport. The ANS, a division of Foreign Affairs, will then make a recommendation. The final decision is made by Air Transport management (Mobility SPF), which informs the Airports.*

(Source: Belga)

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