Flemish businessmen no confidence in Michel

Flemish businessmen no confidence in Michel
Flemish businessmen do not believe that Charles Michel's government will make any difference to the economy.

The Belgian economy has indeed a multitude of appealing factors as we go forward into 2017. However, Flemish businessmen are not in the least reassured.

This emerges from a Voka survey, cited yesterday (Thursday) in De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws.

The survey reveals, “Seven out of ten businessmen do not see Michel giving the economy a new impetus over the next year.”

Hans Maertens from Voka says, “Almost nobody sees the government being ousted, but barely 22% think that it will find a new momentum in 2017.”

He goes on, “71% consider that the Michel government is no longer in a position to resolve the big issues by the next elections. Business priorities include lowering corporation tax, implementing healthcare reforms, and measures relating to reasonable targets and competitiveness. The only aspect that businessmen have seen implemented on the ground, in practical terms, is the tax shift and pension reform.”

Businessmen are also worried about the impact of present and future political instability within the European Union on the Belgian economy.

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