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More flexible rules for state security “moles”

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More flexible rules for the use of informers are on the cards.
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More flexible rules, stating how far state security informers can go, are in the process of being drawn up. This is reported today (Thursday) in the daily publications De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad and Het Belang van Limburg.

Recourse to informers will moreover become a separate specialism within State Security.

In the fight against terrorism, human information sources are vital for State Security.

The Minister of Justice Koen Geens (of the Flemish Christian Democrats) says, “However, detectives working within the intelligence services have to spend too much time on other activities. Research by informers can supply quality information. Their recruitment and data processing is indeed a full-time activity.”

This is why the function of informers should become a separate specialism within State Security. As a consequence, the intelligence services will be overhauled and detectives will now work exclusively with informers who will thus receive additional training.

More flexible rules are anticipated to determine up to what point informers or “moles” may go in intelligence gathering.

Mr Geens stresses, “There has to be a balance between the need for an informer to stay within a given network and the seriousness of the crimes such an informer may thereby commit.”

He concludes, “The action needed now is to consider how to strike an appropriate balance and then lay a bill before parliament.”

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