100,000 people consulted the site on the supplementary pensions

More than 100,000 people have obtained information on the supplementary pension online from the new application on the pensions portal, since it first launched on December 6th. Sigedis, the third sector organisation, which manages career-linked social data says, “Three in four visitors who have established pension rights for the future, have consulted their details. It is mainly those over 45, who are dying to know the state of their supplementary pension; more than 80% of visitors are 45 years or over.”

It goes on, “More men (69%) checked their records than woman (31%).”

More than 3.4 million of employed and self-employed workers have already built up the right to a supplementary pension.

The new online service allows each person to check what they will receive later by way of supplementary pension or, failing that, the contributory rights which they have accrued.

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