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A father kills his 6 month old baby in Ougrée

A man who beat his 6 month old baby to death (not three year old as previously reported) was taken to hospital after falling ill. The Liège Prosecutor’s Office and Investigating judge have been to the scene of the crime in Ougrée, according to the Liège Prosecutor’s Office.

A man handed himself in to Ans police on Friday afternoon, saying he had “done a bad thing”. After admitting to beating his 6 month old baby, he fell ill and was taken to hospital. He had not yet been questioned about what he claimed to have done at the time.

The crime took place in rue Famelette in Ougrée (Seraing commune), in the Liège region. The man had gone to his mother’s, where his 6 month old baby was being looked after. For an unknown reason he started to beat the child, who later died of their injuries.

The Liège Prosecutor’s Office and Investigating judge in charge of the case went to the scene late on Friday. Although the investigation should shed more light on how and why the incident occurred, the Liège Prosecutor’s Office has said it would seem the suspect has mental health problems.

Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)