Aeroplane noise nuisance – Diegem endured most air traffic in 2016

Aeroplane noise nuisance – Diegem endured most air traffic in 2016
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The district of Diegem, which is right next to Brussels, endured the most air traffic in 2016. This is according to statistics from the Federal Mediator Service for Brussels Airport.

The Federal Mediator, Philippe Touwaide, also states that after Diagem, Stockel district and the municipalities of Woluwe-St-Pierre and Kortenberg  saw the most aeroplanes take off and land.

These settlements are at the end of the main take-off runway (25R). He states that “this data is provided for illustration only and is not a ‘hit parade’” to the extent that not all communes are subject to the same level of noise nuisance.

He says that complaints of noise nuisance generated by aeroplanes were most numerous in a number of communes. These were Woluwe-St-Pierre, Woluwe-St-Lambert, Kraainem, Wezembeek-Oppem and Waterloo as well as Jette, Neder-Over-Hembeek, Wemmel and over the north of Leuven.

More comprehensive statistics in the sphere will be provided in February, upon the fifteen-year anniversary of the Federal Mediator Service.

Data from FPS Transport shows that, in total, 223,687 flights operated last year, either departing from or going to Brussels Airport. This figure has slightly increased compared to 2015, during which a total of 221,005 flights were calculated.

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