Brussels Criminal Court - up to one year in prison for assault on ex-wife and her partner

The Hal Vilvorde Public Prosecutor demanded a one-year prison sentence against a man originally from Ghent.
In November 2015, the man broke into the home of his ex-wife in Dilbeek and dealt a series of blows to the latter, as well as to her new partner.

The accused asserted that he came to see his son on his birthday and had simply pushed the couple.

The Prosecution painted an unflattering picture of the accused. The latter is thought to have split up with his ex-wife in public, as he suspected her of cheating on him.

The Prosecution indicated that during this incident, “His ex-wife also received blows and it was only due to the arrival of a police patrol that nobody died.”

The Public Prosecutor said that the accused's ex-partner was also ill-treated when they were married and had fled Ghent, fearing her ex-husband.

The Prosecution sought a one-year prison sentence for the man, originally of Tunisian origin.

The accused claimed that the facts had been somewhat exaggerated.

As indicated above, he claimed that he wished to visit his son on his birthday and had simply pushed the couple.

Judgement will be given on January 25th, 2016.

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