Smart lights for Walloon roads and motorways

New technology LED lights, which can adjust to traffic and weather conditions, will progressively be introduced on Walloon roads and motorways.

These lights will replace the current sodium lighting. The new system that will soon be installed on the road network, which is around 2,300 kilometres of roadway, has been deemed better performing, more economical and more ecological. The intensity of LED lights can be controlled remotely in real time by the Perex centre. Lights on the Walloon network will therefore no longer be turned off at night, but the intensity will vary depending on the weather.

The decision was approved by the SOFICO administration council on Friday. SOFICO, from Wallonia, provides extra financing for infrastructure.

LED lights use less energy (30% less consumption), require less maintenance and last longer.

SOFICO will launch bidding for the project during the first semester of 2017 (a process negotiated with European publicity). They want to draw up a DBFMO performance type contract (Design, Build, Finance Maintain and Operate). It will then select applicants who will be given SOFICO’s requests with regard to the level of lighting and amount of energy saved. The aim is to assign the job, which is worth 30 million euros a year, to someone so the work can start in 2018. The length of the contract will be 20 years, with an obligation to maintain performance for its entirety.  

(Source: Belga)

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