Once again Donald Trump makes ripples in Belgian political world

Once again Donald Trump makes ripples in Belgian political world
Donald Trump's shockwaves continue to reveberate throughout Belgium.

The measures taken by the new American President resonated yesterday (Thursday) in the House of Representatives. The leader of the New flemish Alliance, Peter De Roover, called upon all of the country's institutions to show deference, faced with the results of a democratic election.

The moratorium on nationals from the seven countries entering United States (US) soil had already served to liven up the weekend.

The New Flemish Alliance appeared at odds regarding other Belgian coalition parties and indeed the Belgian position stated by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Didier Reynders.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister, Charles Michel, continued to try to calm the situation. The government speaks with one voice, he affirmed before then accusing the opposition of selective use of nationalist ministers' ideas.

Meanwhile, the King alluded on Tuesday, before corporate bodies, to his disappointment in respect of the way that Great Britain and the US had decided to “refocus upon themselves.” He seemed to evoke, without actually specifying it, both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

“I can confirm that I covered the King's speech in a political manner,” Mr Michel responded, when questioned by Vlaams Belang. The point was not discussed in the Council of Ministers, according to constitutional tradition.

Questions around the Malta summit organised today (Friday) ignited the subject. The leader of the Flemish green party, Kristof Calvo, announced the tabling of a resolution condemning Mr Trump's policy, in which he invited other parties to join.

Mr De Roover responded, “It would be appropriate to remain reserved, to a degree, when considering the result of a démocratic process," considering that he expected this reserve from all institutions. He went on, “...and I mean all institutions.”

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