Assassination in Knokke: investigators search for video-surveillance images

Assassination in Knokke: investigators search for video-surveillance images
A Brussels municipality will equip itself with additional surveillance cameras to fight against illegal dumping. Credit: © Belga© Belga

Investigators have issued a wanted alert. This was done to obtain video surveillance camera images, able to guide them in the investigation relating to the assassination of Sofie M. This young woman was aged 27 and her body was discovered in Knokke on Sunday January, 22nd.

The wanted alert is mainly intended for individuals and shops.

The police are requesting that individuals and shops make video surveillance images available from the night of the crime.

The communiqué indicates a request for, “Images, especially of regions located at the Dutch border. The police also seek images from areas at the border with the neighbouring commune of Zeebrugge. They also request images from between the beach and the N34 Elisabethlaan, Bayeauxlaan, Lippenslaan, Dumortierlaan and Kustlaan axes.”

Individuals with such images are asked to save them and send them to the police using the telephone number 0800/30300 or using the e-mail address

Sofie M’s body was discovered on Sunday January 22nd at 12.20 p.m. below the terrace of a Knokke brasserie. The autopsy revealed that the young woman suffered a violent death in the period from Saturday night through to Sunday morning.

It was established that she spent the night with her partner in a Knokke café. She is thought to have left the establishment alone. What happened next remains, for the moment, hazy.

On Tuesday, the victim’s partner was questioned by investigators. Four other individuals were also questioned. The public prosecutor did not state the extent to which these people are implicated in the case. Nobody has been detained.

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